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Domestic Cleaning Services

We offer many cleaning services: One off cleaning, regular periodic cleaning, clean between lets for landlords or tenements, home/apartment cleaning and many variants of the above. Our professional cleaning services come with important assurances. If you would like a quote, get in touch.

Cleaning a personal service

We endeavor to maintain a personal connection with our clients, listening to exactly what they want after which we will have a unique cleaning checklist. This will then be used as a quality check list at the end of every cleaning job. For more information get in touch by complete our short domestic cleaning request quote form.

Landlords and property owners

We can help you with your cleaning needs when a home or apartment becomes vacant. The landlord need to ensure there is a a fresh clean residence ready for showing to prospective new tenants. Make sure you are presenting your property in its best way. Complete the property cleaning form for more details.


Commertical Cleaning Services

Types of cleaning/janitorial services available are: Office Cleaning, National Cleaning, Retail Cleaning, Stadium/Strata Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Domestic/Home Cleaning and Industrial Cleaning. If you would like a quotation or to have a confidential discussion please select the appropriate link above.

Single Location

If you’re tired of receiving the same old sub-standard cleaning services, it’s time to switch to a commercial cleaning company that prides themselves on caring.

Professional cleaners, the strictest guarantees and transparent, personal service are all part of the Solid Service Group approach.

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National Cleaning

Operating right across Ireland, we can take care of the cleaning needs of National clients, anywhere at anytime. No matter how many locations you have, we will assign you a dedicated account manager that will be the single point of contact for your organisation. Going forward, your account manager is ready to help with anything you need.

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Plumbing & Heating Engineering Services

Throughout the Republic of Ireland we offer the highest level of responsiveness and reliability. Our qualified highly experienced contractors ensure that your premises are always maintained and compliant. This means your organisation can operate safely at maximum efficiency.

Domestic and Commercial

We provide services to domestic and commercial customers typically: Preventative and Scheduled Maintenance; Emergency Service, Fault Finding & Repairs; Installations & Project Management and Drain Clearing.

Solid service Group use only the best leading experts for all aspects of central heating systems installation and maintenance. Services spanning quick boiler replacement, upgrading existing systems, designing new energy efficient heating systems to repairing faults in boilers or radiators.

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Industrial Plumbing Services

From design/installation to maintenance/repair. We provide certified contractors that deliver 24 x 7 x 365 plumbing services to the industrial, commercial and retail industrial sector.

Typically installations and maintenance of hotel room bathrooms and public washrooms as well as general plumbing and emergency services for office canteens, , retail environments, bars, restaurants, business premises and schools. Fixing Burst Pipes, Water Tanks and Cylinders, Central Heating – Gas and Oil Boiler Service, Repairs, Replacements.

Other services industrial plumbing services encompasses: Piping and valve identification, Thermal insulation & pipe enclosures, Piping and valve identification, Filtration systems, Pumps, thermal bridges, Isolator and safety systems.


Electrician Services

At home or at work, we believe, electrical tasks/projects need to be handled by only those that are qualified and experienced. There are a number of other attributes that are strongly desirable when employing an electrician.

Using a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) enables you to have a level of confidence as regards service delivery, professionalism, competence and quality.

Always use REC

Always use a REC to carry out electrical work in your home and ask for a Completion Certificate after the work is complete. If you don’t you will be braking the law and putting yourself at risk. Solid Service Group only employ REC to carry-out non-trivial electrical work.

We only use the best resources because it is important to our clients and ourselves that we can ‘stand-over’ our work.

Why inspect/test

Electrical installations may deteriorate dependent on usage and time. For this reason (and in some cases legal compliance) it is recommended that electrical installations are inspected and/or tested periodically as would be suitable based on environment and usage – effectively verifying compliance requirements with national rules and regulations.

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Handyman Services (Handy-worker)

A handyman (aka handyworker or handyperson) is a person skilled at a wide verity of repairs, typically around the home but can also apply to property maintenance at work or for organisations too. These tasks may include: repair work, maintenance work, trade skills, interior and exterior environments. The type of work done is usually referred to as “odd jobs” or “fix-up tasks”. Typically these jobs could be light plumbing jobs such as fixing a leaky tap or light electric tasks such as changing a light fitting. Request a handyworker now

The right Handyman or Handyworker

We have a pool of very experienced handy-workers. As a home owner/tenant or business/organisation – you can send us your requirements. We will give you a quote which will be confirmed/validated when we arrive on site.

As we charge by the hour there may be other things that you can have done within the time allocated.

Choose the best Handy-worker service

All our staff work to an SLA which means we care about punctuality, competence, professionalism, friendliness and your feedback.

All this and you have access 24 x 7 x 365. So be prepared – Call us and get signed-up – get your free asset tags.

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24 x 7 x 365 Contact Centre

We believe that the services we provide for you may be required 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So we provide a contact center and job management system that is available 24 x 7 365.  That means you can talk to us and/or request services any time. Our customer portal is available on smart phones / tablets and mobile / desktop PCs.

UK Responders

We select the best operatives that are qualified, trained, interested and motivated. Only with this mix if attributes do we believe that you can receive the best possible service.

If you have a passion for customer service and would like to join our UK team. Please get in touch.

Irish Responders

As with the UK we only select the best operatives that are qualified, trained, interested and motivated. Such people are in great demand. If you have a passion for customer service and would like to join our Irish team. Get in touch.

We value our employees, they are the life-blood of our company.


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    24/7 Support

    Fantastic service means great communication must be available. In today's world that means 24 x 7 availability and a wide range of methods. So our customers have a portal from which they can access support, request services, pay for services or access our knowledge base. At the same same our contact center is ready to take service requests.

    Monday - Friday

    During the standard working week days you can avail of premium services at in-hours charges. Out-of-hours charges are applied at all other times. Quotations are free if you take our service.

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