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Handymen are available 24 x 7 x 365. We provide approved domestic, commercial and industrial handyman services for this region and encompassing areas.

10 points to consider  when employing a Handyman

  1. Make a list – Before contacting the handyman – make a list of exactly what you want the handyman/handyperson to do. Important: try not to add tasks when the job is in progress.
  2. Get a quote – both labor and materials should be on the quote. Should the detailed quote require them to go and shop around on your behalf, do expect to pay a good/fair hourly rate for their effort.
  3. In advance agree how your handyman will be paid – will it be hourly until the job is complete or fixed price i.e. a sum for the completion of the job.
  4. Local References – Handymen tend to rely on word-of-mouth to build their businesses. One that’s worth hiring will easily be able to supply you with at least 3 good references.
  5. Have an agreed schedule which clearly states when the job will be started and its expected end. Consider what happens if it is late/delayed and discuss any penalties. If a handyman gets a better deal on a project somewhere else, they may sideline your work and go to work on the more profitable job.
  6. Search local sources to find good potential handymen – A well established professional handyman will be proud to make himself known in the community.
  7. You are likely to get what you pay for – Beware if a quote is too low you may get substandard work. “if it st too good to be true…”. Get a minimum of 3 quotes it will also help you ensure you get a competitive quote.
  8. Dose the handyperson have insurance. If someone working on your property should become injured, unless they have their own liability insurance you will be fully liable.
  9. Get the agreement/contract in writing this way there will be no forgotten details, confusion or miscommunication. In situations where the job is not acceptable and remediation not desirable/possible. You will have a document to support your case in court.
  10. Get assurances as regards quality, you want to be sure that if there is a clear quality issue the handy man will sort it out in a timely way with no extra cost to you.

Solid Service Group – Handyman many functions

If you have problems with a Handyman

In some cases things can go wrong – if you are certain that theft or malicious damage has occurred or is occurring. You should report it to the guard/police. Your local Guard / Police Station is listed below. Health and safety should be paramount for the handyman, bur if you adversely come into contact with products and they have a harmful effect you should seek medical advice asap. Contact your GP or your local A&E department.

Sometimes before substantial work is carried out but mostly after, you may need to dispose of waste that is too large or a not an acceptable waste type for your standard waste collectors to deal with. If this is the case contact your local council, perhaps try the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency website first.



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