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Professional cleaning, pluming/heating, electrical and odd job services

So now you have found us, why stay and send us all your related requirements? A few of the many reasons our customers come back repeatedly and recommend us to their friends:

All services are provided under a SLA (service level agreement) and all service are delivered by experienced and/or qualified resource.

We give you the option to present and manage your service via our customer portal or you can call our 24 x 7 x 365 support center for assistance.

We get the job done and professionally, this is very important to us.

We aim to be the best service company in Europe for all our clients

Thank you for taking the time to review and/or give us your order. We believe that our customer need to have a level of trust in the organisations that they use for important workplace and home tasks. We use the best skilled resources to enable us to be successful. Customer satisfaction is key to our success.

Company History 

Solid Service Group Ltd is proud to be the UK and Ireland’s leading domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning, plumbing, electrical and handyman service company. Proudly European, our company is

Our Philosophy

Vision – Solid Service Group prospers and flourishes when it satisfies its customers, its employees, its partners, and its investors.We continually endeavors to do this.



Solid Service Solutions

Call-out 24 x 7 x 365

Assured standard call-out means you are not content to wait in a queue for your turn to arrive. It means you can request that an engineer/resource arrives on site within a specified period of time.

We offer assured call-out facilities across all our services, terms and conditions apply. Some organisations cannot function without it others need it for business continuity or because their customers demand it.

As you may know we are always open for business, yes that means 24 x 7 365. We have an on line portal, 24 hour call center and skilled resources ready to deliver your requirement at all times. If you are looking for a great service provider supplying plumbing, electrical and/or handyman related resource for your tasks/projects – get in touch.

Soloid Service Group - business card 24 hour services

Cleaning Quotation

Cleaning services applies to many types of customer, environments and products. Too many to list here please see our cleaning section and/or get in touch if you need a cleaner/quote.

Plumbing Quotation

We deliver comprehensive plumbing services. Get in touch if you would like to discuss a requirement that you have, we would like to let you know what we can do for you.

Electrician Quotation

If you need an electrician for a task or project, get in touch we would like to discuss your requirements. Our services in this field are extensive. Experience and qualifications is everything.

Handy Man Quotation

There are a vast number of tasks that can be delivered by a handyman can not be listed here please see our handyman section and contact us with any requirements that you have.

Be prepaired - don't leave it to chance!

Requirements are likely to vary for each of the different disciplines cleaning, plumbing, electrical and handyman/odd jobs. We can help you to identify the best response level for you or your organisation.

Immediate - Level 0

Level 0 is  the fastest response we provide, our resource is based on site at your premises. This gives you an immediate response to and issues that may occur.  The benefits are significant to the client as you get a full-time resource with no down time and none of the employee HR/administration.

Rotation - Level 1

With this contract you get the resources you require within 1 day of requesting it. This is the most popular service contract we have as the reaction is fast and the costs are lower than the Intimidate and Rapid contracts.

Rapid - Level 2

Situation – Organisation/business critical functions will be impeded if you do not get a fast response. We assure you that we will be on site and delivering the service requested within 2 hours. In the event of an issue arising would your organisation be affected severely without a 2 hour response?

Rotation - Level 10

This contract is very popular with organisations and landlords/property owners. the job is scheduled to occur within 10 days of it being reported. Rotation – Level 10 works well for non-critical jobs.

Our staff as your staff

Stop looking for trades men – we can supply a plumber, electrician, heating engineer, cleaner, maid and/or many other trade staff.

Contracts are flexible so when your contract expires and you no longer need them simply send them back to us.

1. Hourly

Hourly is effectively our standard model for delivering services to new customers. You call us and we deliver services which are chargeable on an hourly basis. If you would like to have a more responsive custom arrangement please get in touch.

3. Fixed-term or specified

This type of contract is useful for employers/organisations that have a medium to long term requirement that is clearly defined or under stood.

2. Day Rate

This is great for ongoing project work and ‘business as usual’ requirements where the end is uncertain. Another good example would be sickness/holiday cover, the day rate contractor that we provide can support you through difficult periods.

4. On-Call for you

This applies to organisations that generally do not have a sustained requirement but when they do have an issue they need it addressed within a short period of time.

SSG checklist

Do you need approved service providers?

We believe having approved service providers is the foundation of delivering a good service. For this reason we approve all our staff and associates to ensure they have the skill and abilities you need them to, in-order to deliver a successful service. We also continuously monitor for professionalism and customer satisfaction.

  • Experienced – As you may know experience is the best measure of success where jobs can have unpredictable aspects. We reference check all our workers.
  • Qualified – Many of our services have life critical aspects and are regulated by government legislation. We endure that our workers have the necessary qualifications to do what you need them to.
  • Professional – We provide training so that all our staff are polite and professional at all times.
  • Friendly – We provide training so that all our staff are friendly and approachable.

Cleaning and Laundry Services

We offer a range of cleaning, maid and laundry services.  That enable you to have a clean home or work environment and/or have a time saving resource to handel your laundry requirements.

Pluming and Heating Services

We offer a range of plumbing and heating services and a few special ones that enable you to leave repair and maintenance of your home or commercial premises in our hands. As you would expect, we are qualified, experienced and authorized to do the thins we do.

Electrical and Electrician Services

Our electricians and other service staff can provide a wide range of one-off or regular contract work. Which enables you to leave your electrical jobs in our expert, qualified, experienced and authorized hands.

Handyman and Odd-job Services

Sometimes its a job for a handy person, something you can not do or you don’t have sufficient time to do it. We have a large range of skilled resources. Now you don’t have to research, locate discuss and negotiate. Just tell us what you need and we will address it as best we can.

Cleaning and Laundering Services

What doe we mean by approved cleaning services?

We think you have a number of expectations around the services tat you receive. With this in mind we give you several assurances. They apply equally to our domestic and commercial and industrial cleaning services.

Assurance One

Staff will have the appropriate level of experience and training.

This coupled with the usual professional and polite manner ensures minimal disruption to the yourself and the property being cleaned.

Assurance Three

Staff will be insured – because we work on property belonging to others, this creates a unique range of exposures that many other businesses do not have. Please see your contract for further details.

Assurance Two

All staff will carry identification and be vetted as appropriate for the environment being cleaned.

E.g. This may mean Criminal records being checked. This can be extremely important.

Assurance Four

As a professional cleaning company we will bring benefits to your domestic or commercial or industrial environment. The advantages are numerous e.g. saving time and money, green cleaning approach and expertise. Please see the appropriate section on cleaning for more details.

Plumbers and Heating Engineers

Approved Plumbing Services means – Whatever your plumbing needs, our teams of skilled experienced plumbers and heating engineers, will provide the high quality plumbing service that you’re looking for.

Solid Service group offer a comprehensive range of plumbing services, from emergency plumbing response, where burst pipes or blocked toilets may be causing an urgent drainage issue; to planned home improvement projects such as the installation of a new bathroom or wet room in your home. Perhaps plumbing problems relating to your central heating system have left you without heating or hot water? Our services include the installation, repair or replacement of: Basins, Showers, Toilets, Sinks, Kitchen & bathroom taps, Outside taps, Pipework, Washing machines, Towel rails and Radiators…

Assurance One Qualified

All our engineers are experienced and qualified this also means they are independently members of trade groups and governing bodies which keep members up-to-date.

Service One

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Assurance 3 Quality

Complex jobs will be independently tested and citified. We have a separate team to test and confirm how successful and complete the installations and/or deployment has been.

Service One

At nos hinc posthac, sitientis piros Afros. Ambitioni dedisse scripsisse iudicaretur. Tityre, tu patulae recubans sub tegmine fagi  dolor. Plura mihi bona sunt.

Approved Electricians

You should ALWAYS use a Registered Electrical Contractor to carry out electrical work domestically or for your organisation and ask for a completion certificate or report after the work is complete.

1. Inspections and Tests

Many regulations exist to safeguard occupants in everyday environments. We will help you to comply with appropriate legislation/laws. Issuing appropriate certificates and/or reports where applicable.

3. Install or Decommission

Our highly qualified engineers can install straightforward or complex electrical equipment or decommission the same. We will give you your own account manager – Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all your communications.

2. Fix and or Maintain

There are a wide range of fix/maintain activities that we can help you with. We know that business continuity, compliance and safety are paramount to you. Get in touch if you would like to discuss working together.

4. Our Staff as Yours

For large tasks or projects you may want to manage all aspects of the Electricians work. We will assign you a member of staff and they will be yours for as long as you would like. Get in touch if you have a requirement for a contract electrician or engineer.

Handyman and Trades Men

A handyman (aka handy-worker or handy-person) is a person skilled at a wide verity of repairs, typically around the home but can also apply to property maintenance at work or for organisations too.

These tasks may include: repair work, maintenance work, trade skills, interior and exterior environments. The type of work done is usually referred to as “odd jobs” or “fix-up tasks”. Typically these jobs could be light plumbing jobs such as fixing a leaky tap or light electric tasks such as changing a light fitting.

Some clients are more comfortable choosing the gender of there Handy -person, so we provide Handymen and Handywomen and where there is availability you can choose which you would like.

Request a handyman/worker now

1. Fixed Price

Tell us what needs to be done and we will give you a quote. After onsite confirmation we will get your jobs done as quickly and skillfully as possible.

2. Five for Fifty

Any five jobs we will deliver for fifty quid plus VAT T&Cs apply. Tell us what you want and we will get it done professionally. In many cases you may be able to choose the gender of your Handy-person.

3. Hourly Serrvice

Our handy-person/s will attend your property/site with standard tools/equipment and work on the tasks you have requested for the time you have paid for.

4. Contracted Handyman

Our staff as yours – you let us know how many days you require a handy resource for and we will assign the worker to you. You may only want someone for two days a week.



What They Said About Us

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Offices/locations based in the UK and ROI

Targeting Over  5000 Fieldworkers

Positive Growth Across Departments

About Solid Service Group Ltd

Based in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. With specialist resource in all our service delivery areas. This means we can give you an unrivaled level of service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. All our job are covered by Service Level Agreements. So you can measure success.

We know problems don’t always occur in standard work hours for this reason we have a 24 hour contact center and resources. All our customers have their own portal that allows them to: see the details of their job and any associated documents/pictures/certificates/invoices; and you can request services or help.


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    Fantastic service means great communication must be available. In today's world that means 24 x 7 availability and a wide range of methods. So our customers have a portal from which they can access support, request services, pay for services or access our knowledge base. At the same same our contact center is ready to take service requests.

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    During the standard working week days you can avail of premium services at in-hours charges. Out-of-hours charges are applied at all other times. Quotations are free if you take our service.

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